Understanding the Javascript quickly

It was difficult unless I wrote this article to understand what is javascript and details about each ingredients of the javscript.

We use javascript now in many places and all the browsers now understand the javascript using the jsengine.

What are the ways in which you can learn Javascript

ways to learn javascript
Ways to learn javascript

When I started to learn javascript there were limited resource we used to purchase books and learn by reading and practicing on the home computer.

There where two approaches

  1. Read the book
  2. Practice at home computer or at college computer

Now the learning curve changed a lot now we can go online directly in the browser and start exploring the javascript from the online editor. Here you can directly write and test the output of your work and understand the concepts quickly and move on to the next technology stack.

Best resource to start with is w3cschool website.



Once understood the basics of JavaScript like declarations, statements, loops, operators, data structure, algorithms move on to form validation and UI libraries(JqueryUI,Bootstrap,Material,W3c,JqueryMobile,RequireJs, NormalizeJs) etc.

Done ! are your ready for the interview questions to test your understanding.

Please check the below URL to check your understanding with questions and answers.




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