How to sell Yourself

Interview is nothing but selling yourself in front of your interviewer.

What are the prerequisites to get prepared for the best interview.

Consider following prerequisites,

  1. Have proper dress and smile on your face
  2. Have good can do attitude towards your job and interview
  3. Bruss up your basics
  4. Use tough twisters and do practice the words try correcting your pronunciation
  5. List out what all companies you want to target to provide your interview
  6. List out areas in which you are interested in and choose with one sector
  7. Prepare properly your Resume points to review in Resume are as follows,

a. No spelling mistakes

b. Check for any Grammatical errors

c. Always prepare your Resume based on the company requirements

d. Have two style Resumes one General and Specific Resumes

e. Read your Resume before interview

f. Don’t try to include everything in your Resume keep space so that you can answer than in the interview

g. Carry two Pens, a Pensile, eraser and extra a4 white sheets

8.Prepare your Resume Cover Letter

9.Try Resume in short not exceeding 2 pages if you have a website update it

10.Be confident and try answering all the questions irrespective of correct or wrong.

For more help you can drop me an email with queries I will be able to help you in preparing your Resume and Interview Preparation.

Thanks for reading.



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