I was horrified with the view of bad developer who is not committed to change and learning.

I have interviewed more than 500 people in job interview for one of the best field and position in a company but we were not finding the good match.

Our journey started with small interview question to just check how is the candidate main point I was looking for candidate was candidate is having the “CAN DO ATTITUDE” or not.

You guess what ? MANY FAILED In basics Can do attitude Alas!!!

After taken 500 candidate interviews we selected some and we were right and felt very happy to have those candidates in our team who contributed so well. We provided first cloud based video surveillance system which will going to be served to our 4500 customers, from America to Europe, Asia.



Lets understand what is SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization which means you can advice to search engine to list your page into the search engines by adding meta tags, descriptions and adding valued content to your website with which you can get the great traffic with less time.

Do I need any strategy?

To be frank YES !

What all prerequisites to do SEO?

1.For SEO I need first the great website which I wanted to host it inside the internet web server.

2.Great content and niche which you wanted to market

3.Marketing Strategy

4.Keyword Research

5.Good Quality Images



I am using reactjs and themoviedb.org movie api to list the movies

I am using reactstrap to create my react app

Create two components name Movie and MovieCard


I have create a functional component Movie and setting the movies with value from themoviedb.org api

and the response data result I am pushing into movies array and then passing that value to MovieCard as item.Dont you think its simple enough to understand. I am looping the movies into and passing that value to MovieCard to render the Movie values into my component.

Once passed the value to moviecard.

Display the values from MovieCard component.



Let me give you brief what are the advantages of creating server less apps

  1. Low cost

2. Easy to develop and scale

3. Low maintenance

Biggest advantage is low maintenance you dont need to check for server is running all the time or not.

Following are the costs involved if you go for traditional server app,example

Again domain costs you some bucks and server maintenance.





I am a software developer and international dance fitness instructor